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Caleb Zimmer 03/13/20
Recommend: Yes
Services required
Some services on your site interest me, but I would like some more information. Can somebody please call me at 14726963254

Jacob Williams 03/13/20
Recommend: Yes
Services required
Some services on your site interest me, but I would like some more information. Can somebody please call me at 13482942768

Max Fraser 01/21/20
Recommend: No
Services required
I need to discuss your services as soon as possible. Could someone please call me at 13477145390 to give me more information?

Diogene Passeri 01/15/20
Recommend: No
Hi, I tried to call but I couldn't get through, I have a few questions. I prefer to speak on the phone, rather than e-mail, It's faster. My number is (0039) 5524680685

Richard Tate 05/20/19
Recommend: Yes
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Anonymous 05/17/19
Recommend: Yes
No return on U-Haul products
Benco does not honor U-Haul's return policies.

Leslie Freda 09/26/18
Recommend: Yes
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Don, satisfied customer :) 05/26/18
Recommend: Yes
Friendly and Helpful Staff!
I was looking for a place to store my motorcycle, my most prized possession! I walked in and the manager knew immediately what size I needed1 It worked out great because she found me a temp controlled unit located at the very end of the hall. She took the time to drive me to the unit and show me how to access it and that there is a security camera facing directly where my bike will be stored! I can rest easy knowing its safe and secure! On days I go for a ride I am even allowed to leave my jeep there for a couple hours and Audrey keeps an eye on it thru the window.

Anonymous 05/26/18
Recommend: Yes
Uhaul Merchandise
I buy merchandise from Benco to ship products I make and sell on my Etsy website and was delighted to see Audrey as the new facility manager! The office has really been cleaned up and reorganized! U-Haul has the best packing and shipping supplies, and Audrey keeps a wide variety of useful things... I always look forward to visiting this place!!

Anonymous 03/03/17
Recommend: Yes
very friendly
I had never rented a unit before so i had no idea what to expect, but it was great ...I had alot of questions and Chelle took the time to answer them all, and made me feel at ease about storing my things. the facility is very clean and seems to be pretty secure.